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Rishikesh Rafting GuideRishikesh Rafting GuideRishikesh Rafting Guide
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River Rafting

River rafting is an adventure sport that can be equally enjoyed by a young as well as an elderly. The Himalayan town of Rishikesh in Uttarakhand offers a host of adventure activities for you to enjoy. River rafting in Rishikesh offers adventurers a unique taste of adventure. Before you begin your rafting experience, you can check out the rafter's profile. The stretch across the Ganges here offers you an array of rapids. Adventurers can choose a grade depending on their physical strength and individual preferences. In any case, the adventure activity of white water rafting is definitely going to provide you an experience which will haunt your memories for a long long time.

A large number of rafters arrive in the state of Uttarakhand to taste the thrill of white water rafting along the Ganges. Rafting starts at a quite calm spot along the river. As adventurers reach closer to the rapids, they need to be alert. Rafters need to use a variety of techniques to keep their balance and prevent the raft from capsizing. There are 13 thrilling rapids along the river. Categorized from Grade I to Grade IV, you can choose a grade that suits your age and matches your stamina. No worries, as there are expert instructors and guides to equip you with some of the basic skills used in the adventure sport.

River RaftingRafting through the Ganga RapidsGrade 2 Rapid on Ganges

To enjoy the adventure of rafting to the maximum, adventurers need to equip themselves with all the necessary gears. Rafters coming to Rishikesh can also carry some ordinary outdoor gear with them. Some of the most needed essential to carry on a rafting tour includes goggles, antiseptic cream, tennis shoes, nylon shorts, swimsuit, sandals, hat etc. If you are planning a white water rafting expedition during spring or autumn, you need to dress accordingly. Rafters should always remember to dress themselves in layers so they may easily remove (or add) accessories. Unless you are undertaking the trip during summer, you need to avoid wearing cotton clothing. Otherwise, you should wear wool or clothing made of synthetic materials, as they will keep the body warm.

Whether you are a first-timer, or a seasoned adrenaline junkie, there are some useful tips for you to remember. By following these tips, you can avoid hassles and double the fun and thrill of your river rafting adventure. Some essential tips to keep in mind are as follows.

¤ The rafter must be fit, both physically and mentally.
¤ The rafter should not have hydrophobia, fear of water.
¤ Remember to carry dry bags, so you can easily keep your personal items (and clothes) safe.
¤ Do not forget to take your medications along (like insulin, inhalers etc).
¤ Consult the rafting instructors and guides before you set out on the rafting trip.

Rishikesh offers a great opportunity for adventurers to set out on exciting white water rafting expeditions. If you taste the beginner rapids, it is time for you to start on an expedition which can really prove to be a lifetime experience for all. Ganges rafting expeditions in the Himalayas are an adventure's dream. You can realize your dream by choosing to enjoy 3-4 days long expeditions where you would spend quality time in luxury tents, laze around the beaches, enjoy bonfire nights, get in touch with like-minded adventures and have all the fun that you seek on an adventure tour.

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